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Born in Barcelona, Arale Reartes belongs to a new generation of photographers, whose artistic souls radiate into their work. Sensitive to the world around her, each of her images is a display of emotions that reflect a restless spirit.

Arale Reartes has focused both her personal and commercial work around self-portrait, questioning hierarchy in photography and the role of women in the industry.​

Her first self-portrait project was "Rooms: Pursuit of Home" (2019 - present) where she questions the role of photography and reclaims it as an act of power, questioning ideology and redefining gender. She does so by placing herself both as an object and subject in her work, diluting the traditional hierarchy embedded in photography. This self-portrait approach is echoed in both of her fashion and commercial work.

She has recently finished her second personal project "Coraza:puesta en el abismo”.

Arale Reartes has been published in several international magazines, such as Vogue, Elle and Cap74024 and has worked on many commercial/advertising shoots, including brands like Rimowa, Massimo Dutti & Armani. 

She now teaches photography at the FD school Barcelona.

A true lover of surfing and aesthetics, Arale lives between Fuerteventura and Barcelona.

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