Not being allowed to watch TV as a kid, Sophia quickly became fascinated with stories of strong girls. Reading as fast as she could, she became a sample reader for the local library and book shop, when she was 8 years old. She started her negotiating career and quickly convinced her mother, that Ronja Räubertochter was a highly intellectual and important property for her to analyse over and over again. When all books were read, she thought she had to become a lawyer. But quickly found out, that there wasn’t much room for interpretation and creativity. At least not for her.


And she also didn’t like polo shirts and golf clubs. Going back to her roots, she graduated in literature, culture, arts and film from the University of Munich. Life seemed easy - even with studying psychology „on the side“ and working a full time job in the public relations department at a big private TV & news network. And yes, her mother knew about this job. She wasn’t amused.

While founding a natural cosmetic start-up, which was featured nationally in magazines like Glamour, she continued to work as a freelance social media consultant and found love. It was him, the love of her life, who introduced her to film production. Hungry as she was, she soaked in everything there was to know about this magical, exhausting and inspiring field of work.
She quickly climbed the ladder with her mentor Hannes Heidenreich at Stereo Films and made film after film after film. When he discovered, that she could write, create stories, which make hardcore managers cry and put layouts together in a few hours, which look like they must have cost a lot of money, he trusted her with putting together the first roster the company every had. She handpicked directors and DoPs from all over the world and found amazing undiscovered young talents. 

This was the first time, her mother was at least a little proud of her. But jokes aside, it seemed like, there was not much more new to do, as she had done everything there was to do in a production: films of all kind, stills of all sorts, producing, executive producing, managing a team and stepping into her mentors shoes. At that point she made the jump and decided to look out, what else is there in the big field of creative industries, offering her talents to a wider audience and wanting to connect on different levels.


Going back freelance made her feel like one of those strong girls, who she loved reading about, when she was a kid. Never giving up, always looking for the bright side, pushing for diversity and growth, empowering those around her and delivering to this world, what she is able to bring.