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Our narrative department focuses on developing stories, that move hearts and minds.

EXCELLENT – in development.

A docu series about what and who helps outstanding achievers in the modern world.

MANHOOD – in development.

A genre bending docu-fiction that allows deep insights into finding identities in a world where old heroes don’t belong anymore.

WRITTEN BY: Lucie Hoefferer & Sophia Spengler

THE PAJAMA PODCAST – live on Spotify.

A narrative podcast series that updates traditional fairytales, told by:

Toni Garrn, Munroe Bergdorf, Aminata Belli, Evan Lalanne, April Kae, Scout Bassett, River Gallo, Pernille Teisbaek and Helena Zengel


WRITTEN BY: Stephan Kalinski & Iain Botterill

DISCLAIMER: We do not accept unsolicited material. Documents will be returned unread. Should you nevertheless submit unsolicited material, you acknowledge that you have read our guideline above, understanding and accepting that a submission will not create any obligation for Louise GmbH to you or your submission. Thanks for your understanding!

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