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Tjark was born in 1989 into a big family in the south of Germany.

At the age of 13, he was not only very very tall for his age, he also saved up his pocket money to buy his first MiniDV-camcorder. His goal quickly became clear and he started shooting little stories with his friends, especially during the summer, which he often spent in the US.

This created a strong passion for the craft, which drew Tjark to become a director of photography.

On his way he worked in many film departments, in order to grasp what everyone was able to bring to the table. This comes in handy, while collaborating with the crew during production.

With a sensitive approach, he always aims to find the creative style suitable for each individual project.

Working all over the world, his clients include: Nike, Gucci, Adidas, Valentino, Douglas, Mytheresa and many more.

Tjark is based in Munich, speaks fluent German, English and a little French.
In between projects he loves to draw in his studio or walk his dog Laika.  

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